Friday, October 06, 2006

Magic is Simple

This is something difficult about being simple. People never try to be simple. Greatness mostly lies with her cousin simplicity. Being simple is great because being simple is very difficult. In this attempt i try to draw a analogy between two disparate things but have one unique great feature. That feature contributes to the magic it provides and i call that magic simplicity. Magic is Simple.

Wasim Akram, Champion left armer has always been a great inspiration not only in reference to cricket. A diabetic patient only on doctor's records. The stride, arm action and follow up are true marks of a champion and every aspect is equally simple. Simple though word is simple is not actually simple . You have to be a great to be simple and Wasim is truly Great.... The parallel is my fresh obsession, tanjore big temple. Its majesty is its simplicty. Be it the big elephant at the entrance, to a monumental nandhi statue , the vast expanse outside the main shrine called the pragaram, its capacity to accomdate half a lakh people is a testimonial to what it takes to be simple. You can sit for as long as you want. The walls,cielings,structures have messages. They make a statement , a simple statement. It throws up fresh challenges in to your mind. They are .....

Is it possible for the world cricket to get one more Wasim akram ?
Is it possible to build temple of this magnificence again ?

The beauty as I see in both is that they do not undermine your intention of recreating it again. Instead they welcome the challenges. The big temple built by Raja raja chola challenged his son Rajendra cholan to built another masterpiece at gangai konda chozha puram. This temple was built with stones brought from Ganges. Imagine the logistics problem ..

I could not draw any similar instance for Wasim but Iam sure We are going to see one more Wasim again ...

Simple thing about great things is their ability to inspire, to reach out for even greater things. Let us get inspired my the magnitude of challenge, offered by Wasim and the Big temple ... We must take up challenges of such magnitude offered by current world inequities. Let us get inspired rather lament about it. As they say “No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe.”

P.S. : Though it is challenging to create Special economic zones ... it is surprisingly and shamefully less challenging than providing a square meal to the persons who are getting displaced for the sake of SEZ's.