Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Weakening Link


"Babu repeated it for the tenth time -”Raja Raja chola built tanjore temple in 1010 AD”. He felt it was enough. "Shahjahan built Tajmahal". This is fairly easier. It deserved only five repetitions. Babu teaches history at high school"

Crores of history lessons are taught like this. An attempt to treat history as a mere collection of facts is a gross injustice to our rich and fabulous past. They rarely get the attention and understanding they deserve. CREATION of mindset, to treat history as an fact base and a demand to reproduce it blindly for examinations leads to a justified disinterest amongst young minds. This sets the tone for their increasing disinclination to learn about our glorious past.


"Giridhar's Job is very dull and boring. He needs to go to the office at 9 and comes back at 5 regularly throughout the year. No work doing regular time. No hopes of over time. His customers include young lovers who rarely want to be disturbed from their trance, middle aged couple with turbulent minds seeking solace from routine in silence of the premises, fleet of school children drop in occasionally with their school teacher as their guards. Besides there will be researchers who turn up at times. Giridhar hates them. Their questions are very difficult for him to answer. He clings to newly arrived computer and pretends that he is too busy. Yes. He is the curator at National museum in Meerut."

Tone that is created in schools is REINFORCED at large, at the plight of our national museums and art galleries. To name a few, Tirumalai nayakkar mahal museum at Madurai and museum at rock fort trichy are at dire straits. Visitors have a purpose for which the museum is not built for. Abject state of museums and related institutes, drives away even the little few who want to re look into the past. Maintenance of thousands of such museums and art galleries all over India is a demanding job though not financially rewarding. We are resigned to accept that nation's growth depends only on economic frontiers. In the race of SENSEX, GDP and inflation we miss the joy and glory in seeing the growth of our country in cultural and social fronts.


"Saamee ... This is how most people call him. He is very old and an exponent of all Vedas and Upanishads. Lessons and case studies taught by management gurus are often redundant when compared to his knowledge about tirukkural and mythology. His knowledge is rarely valued in the society he lives. Being old he is the victim of neglect. He often laments about the lack of respect to elders, among the younger generation and faces the wrath of counter arguments which dejects him further. He is ganapathisamy gurukkal. He currently resides in Chennai with his sons and daughters who are working for MNC's."

Tone that is created in schools is reinforced outside translating it into actions in our day to day life. Customs and rituals are slowly forgotten or shortened to customize the so called fast pacing world. Outsourcing’s poorest manifestation in the name of hosting parties with catering agencies' help is a shocking indicator in our land which is famous for the way it plays the host to its guests. What is the use of hosting a party if you are not a host? Perplexing. History is looked up as the last career option. Disrespect to elders, Ridiculing persons going to temples are most prevalent amongst youngsters of our times. In this mode of forgetting things we DESTROY the link unconsciously. Soon would be times we will not be able to tell where we came from.

What happens when one looks back at past? It instills confidence in us to move forward in a positive fashion. Lessons like dedication, sincerity and Magnanimity transcending all forms of work are abundant in history. Only we fail to see them. From the past, some people grew to the present and some went down to the present. Why? Lessons lie there.

Key lies in conscious attempt, to create a mind set in schools, to care about our past. We must preserve the present to handover it to the next and destroy the anomalies and irrelevant things to learn the right lessons from the past.

The Hindu Trinity

Lord Brahma is the first member of the triad, Vishnu being the second and Shiva, the third. Brahma is the god of creation and he is traditionally accepted as the Creator of the entire universe. Lord Vishnu regarded as the preserver of the universe. Shiva is said to be the god of destruction and the three gods represent the three fundamental powers of nature which are manifest in the world viz. creation, destruction and maintenance. These powers exist perpetually. Creation is going on all the time. So is destruction and maintenance. All three powers are manifest at all times. They are inseparable. Creation and destruction are like two sides of a coin. Maintenance is an integral part of the processes of creation and destruction.