Friday, April 17, 2020


Read if you have watched the movie,

First Act is a scream, Sky's the Limit for Rajiv, his merriment goes on and on teasing invoking jealousy, joy and curiosity. What an extraordinary  set of dialogues we have when Rajiv leaves the bar,  Simply transforms a banal scene to a philosophical rumination.

Second Act , God s tender hands touches Rajiv, Rajiv & Kariyachan seem inseparable but distinct , Rajiv sees a Life beyond money and tries to win it over with his own might , did he succeed ? Sleeping King and his disciples.

Third Act -Repeat of the First Act but  Rajiv s nonchalance seems gone and Nervousness kicks in. Philosophical mooring is out of question, Rajiv means business, A Life hangs in thread , Such Life can be saved by giving life to another.

Fourth Act -A dilemma which arrives as an inevitable plot point , but in its pitch, it poses an universal question-  Whom a  Woman loves most ? Is it her Son or her Husband ? 

Final Act - Rajiv sheds all his might  turns a beggar, One wonders if it was his choice or his destiny which lead him to this situation  ? Another Universal Question, perhaps god s tender touches returns with Maggie.Perhaps there is a Mother in Pillai who protects and a Father  in Kariyachan who leads you into your meaning for life.

Mohanlal is wonderful in playing the entire arc, haughty rich , carefree , too proud ,too easy on surface but nervous,sure and  naive at times, speaks about money all through but yearns for those elusive things in terms of money, He uses his Rich stature crossing the limits of decency many a times only to realize where lines are drawn throughout , He warns, pleads, apologizes, shouts, cries, laughs, he does not care, he means business , What an extraordinary performance.

Delightful moments 1) Kariachan lying in the vast meadow all alone daydreaming 2) When  Rajiv asks What do you want,Das's Mother plants a earthly kiss on the newborn, 3) Grown up men roll over each other delightfully in Joy sums up how extraordinary the film is. 

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