Tuesday, May 19, 2020

My American Uncle - Alain Resnais

My American Uncle , Starts really weird with Montage shots travelling through childhood of 3 different people and at the same time a scientist explaining basic functioning of brain,starts with explaining about brain of an insect inter cut with a wonderful crab moving its pincers as if puzzled by the observation of the voice over saying insect do not have emotions but only reproductive and protective instincts, further moving to mammals who have got an improved brain with the emotive faculty and adding further comes to Man who has got this special associative ability, thus the backdrop is drawn, 3 people 2 He & 1 She, their lives roll on and all three arrive at their adult phase.

A Writer , A Factory Manager and an Actress , Each one have their own equation with their Families and wrestle with idea of breaking from their Family for different reasons - Actress for an independent Life , Writer for political growth and Factory worker for proving his utility to Factory Management, All Three lives inter wine is peculiar Fashion ,A premise originates which we will examine later, Independent Actress is always at loggerheads with who ever she interacts with starts a relationship with Writer only to be separated by that premise, She as a professional dress designer interacts with Factory Manager,who is already challenged by another Manager appointed to work alongside him, She eggs him to perform better in his role, resulting him complete burnout of the Factory Manager,

Actress is the Utopia, believes on the premise that Family will die allowing the individual to Flourish in his Liberty, but rather it did not die. Family provides the necessary cushion for individual achievers to reach their goals,a contradictory but practical occurrence, Family trumps the Utopia that all are equal, Further from the other end of Spectrum we have the Utopia of Machines & Capital causing a man to burn out only to be humanized and saved by his Family's emotional support. Due to Family's Stable support Writer becomes a successful Politician only to wrestle with idea of independent individual , wrestle with Utopia forever.  sums up confidently that this much We Know and we need to move further from here.

My American Uncle stands as a Wonderful Metaphor to Individual Ambition , No One knows if American Uncle succeeded in Life , but there is always a word around about American Uncle.

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